What Happens During A Domestic Violence Case?

In North Carolina, disputes among household members could lead to violent acts. These acts could create issues that make victims feel unsafe in their own homes. These circumstances can also lead to divorces and the emergence of more cases. The following are details about what happens during a domestic violence case.

Assessing the Situation

The officers that arrive on the scene must complete an assessment to determine who is at fault. Typically, they speak to both parties to determine who started the altercation. They evaluate the injuries to determine which party is the victim and which is the attacker. They must review these circumstances to eliminate the possibility of an error. They will also contact emergency medical assistance for the victim’s injuries.

Protection Orders for Victims

A protection order is secured when a victim remains at risk of another attack. These court orders stop contact with the victim. They stop the attacker from gaining access to the victim and causing more injuries. The order also outlines all conditions that could promote another act of violence. For example, the attacker cannot drink or use controlled substances. The order may also require them to enter into a treatment program.

Additional Charges that Could Apply

If the attacker fails to comply with the protection order, they incur additional charges. They will face penalties for these charges if they are convicted. Each of these new charges is managed through separate trials than the domestic violence case.

Connecting Cases that a Conviction Could Affect

If the attacker and the victim are a married couple, these charges could apply to their divorce case. If the attacker is convicted, it is possible that they will be considered a risk to the child. If this happens, they could lose custody of their child. They will also face supervised visitation as well.

In North Carolina, domestic violence is a heinous crime that involves members of the same household. When these crimes happen, the victim could feel threatened and additional legal action could occur. If the defendant is also getting divorced, a conviction could apply to this case as well. Defendants who are facing these criminal cases visit http://www.powersmccartan.com for more information now.