Using a DMCA Service to Help Limit the Unauthorized Online Distribution of Content

Content creators face some real opportunities online today, but also many challenges. Of the latter, likely the most significant of all is simply the many ways by which digital content can so easily be copied and wrongly given away to others. Whether by making use of Bittorrent technology or through spreading files directly from one user to another, content consumers today step beyond the boundaries of their legal rights with an ever-increasing regularity.

Some content creators and rights holders adopt a fatalistic attitude toward this situation, merely hoping to make up in other ways for the losses that undoubtedly arise as a result of this unauthorized and illegitimate “sharing.” That, however, can be an expensive policy, particularly when the costs of taking action are taken into account. The fact is that there are some extremely affordable options that can be used to cut back on the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content and without incurring excessive costs.

Most of these revolve around making smart use of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA. The DMCA provides a safe harbor for certain kinds of hosts online, providing that they comply with a process designed to protect the rights of content creators. When a piece of content is found to be offered for distribution without authorization, the rights holder can submit a simple DMCA take-down notice with which the host is legally obligated to comply.

Of course, actually tracking down the many places and ways by which illegal distribution might occur is not the kind of thing that most content creators are well equipped to keep up with. Instead, many find that it makes good sense to employ a dmca service that is set up to do this difficult, specialized work in as efficient of a manner as possible. By allowing a specialist to handle this important duty, a content creator or rights holder can be confident that appropriate measures are being employed at all times.

In fact, this option has become more accessible than ever before, too, with even relatively small content creators now often finding that it makes good sense. While the battle over unauthorized content distribution might never be won for good, actively fighting back is the best way of preventing unnecessary damage.