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The 1 Thing That’s Killing Your Dreams

You may think it’s an unsupportive spouse.

You may think it’s a lack of education or advancement.

You may even think it’s the “man” holding you back from opportunities.

Those things may all be true, but they’re also outside of your control. ARGH!

So… let’s focus on what we CAN control, and that’s your stinkin’ thinkin’! Don’t worry… I’m including myself in that issue!

Imagine you’re a donkey, plodding along with a heavy load on your back. Where would you look? Probably at the ground, right? Well we do the same thing. When we’re struggling towards our dreams (cause whoever said they’d be easy to get to?!?), we tend to look at our problems. We reason that if we can just stare at them long enough, we’ll figure a way around them.

Here’s the problem with that: our head is powerfully creative. Whatever we put in there tends to come to life! So if we keep challenges, heartaches and frustrations in there… guess what we’ll get in life?

Conversely, if we put good stuff in there – even if they aren’t “real” yet – guess what will happen?

Yupp, you guessed it! We’ll get our hopes and dreams.

I’m sure you’ve heard this philosophy before, but this time… maybe you should implement it to help you achieve your greatest career goals:

When you’re struggling with the boss, lackluster projects or complaining customers, try this:

1. Identify what you want: do you want your boss to appreciate you? Do you want more intriguing projects that will use your talents? Do you want customers who become fans?

2. When you’re facing challenges (basically the opposite of what you want), instead of thinking about what is… think about what you want!

3. Consistently discipline your mind (did you know that YOU were supposed to be in control of it?!?) to focus on your hopes and dreams instead of your challenges.

4. Don’t give up! We have this AWFUL tendency to expect quick results. I call it the “McDonald’s Mindset,” where we expect quality in 2.3 seconds and get disappointed and turn around when we don’t get it! ARGH!

I guarantee you WILL see results… over time. You must prove that you’re faithful and diligent with this, as in all things. You won’t quit on your dreams, so don’t quit on the 1 thing that can get you there, more than opportunities, education and knowing the right people, combined!

Sometimes we’d like an outsider’s perspective to make sure we’re not barking up the wrong tree, dream-wise.
Please consider using me as that outside perspective.
I have a free “Right Fit Visit” that is an hour long, where I can hear your dreams, ask you a few questions and help you determine whether you’re barking up the right tree.